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What is Green Technology?

Green energy technology can mean a multitude of things to a number of eco-friendly companies. For DM Group Associates, Inc. it means supporting the environment by constructing green buildings and instilling business practices that help the ecosystem. DMGA’s first project is Save-More Finer Foods, a supermarket that relies on green energy technology.

Save-More Finer Foods uses solar panels to harness electrical power and cisterns to capture rainwater. It is designed with skylights to bring in natural lighting from the sun to reduce energy costs during daylight hours. Materials used to create the structure are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than those of traditional supermarkets.

Customers are encouraged to help make their contribution to our cause. Aside from finding fruits and vegetables from local growers and producers, Save-More also encourages customers to bring their own bags to avoid the use of plastics. The stores goal is to promote education and awareness on health, wellness and nutrition. This is achieved through sales and marketing campaigns, as well as in-store informational resources.

It's our believe that when people understand the facts behind what is green technology and living green, they can make educated choices about the way they live without making huge sacrifices. When that happens, not only will our customers be healthier on the whole, but so will the planet we share. If you'd like to be part of this exciting process be sure to check out our support the cause page or contact us today.


Q: What is a sustainable community?

A DMGA community fits into the existing structure of a small town or urban place. It takes advantage of existing infrastructure, such as streets, utilities, and community services. A DMGA community may provide a number of important benefits to its residents:

• Community services within walking distance, to decrease dependence on automobiles.
• Very high energy efficiency.
• Healthful, enjoyable interior spaces.
• Areas for interaction among community members.

Q: What is Green Building?

Green building:
• Offers high energy efficiency,
• Uses resources carefully, and
• Provides healthful interior spaces.
Green buildings are achieved through an integrated design and construction process in which the interactions of all of the building systems - and interactions of occupants and the building - are studied and optimized.

Q: Does green building cost more than conventional building?

Planning and design efforts for a green building will be somewhat more costly than such efforts for a conventional building. The additional thought that goes into integrated design will produce a building that costs no more to construct than a conventional building. Further, a green building will save operating dollars - often between 30 and 50 percent - compared to a conventional building. These savings, of course, occur through the life of the building.

  • Phase 1- Full Front

  • Bank View

  • Pharmacy View

  • Phase 1 & 2 - South West Ariel View

  • Phase 2 - Ariel View

  • Phase 2 - Ground View

  • Phase 3 South West Front View

  • Phase 3 North West Ariel View

  • Phase 3 Rear Ariel View

  • Robbins Urban Garden (University of Illinois Concept)

  • Robbins Urban Garden (SOMA Design Concept)

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